Fixtures This Week

Saturday 28th November

1st XI

Manager: Peter Omondi
Tel (m): 07475-399699
Assts: Lee Okugbeni 07961-350075 Luke Vernon 07734-462305
vs. Old Etonians
LOB Cup (H) KO 1:00 PM
@ Douglas Eyre S C (Pitch 3G)
Referees: Nicholas Nicolaou

Team: Players not yet assigned.

Notes: Details confirmed. Usual 3G footwear arrangements.

Reserve XI

Manager: Colin Staines
Tel (h): 01375-385283 (m): 07989-171311
Asst: Gary Kirby 07956-250222
vs. Old Magdalenians
AFC Inter Div North (A) KO 1:00 PM
@ Tufnell Park PF (Islington)
Referees: Jordan Dixon-Walker

Team: G. Kirby (Cap), B. Swinbourne, J. King, W. Hill, L. Bedson, D. Farmer, D. Hall, Ca. Staines, Ch. Staines, C. Scherer, A. Newman, M. Morgan, C. Smith

Notes: Details confirmed. CARE - Tufnell Park tube station closed. Hospitality nearby.

3rd XI

Manager: Daniel Rospedzihowski
Tel (m): 07702-059465
Asst: Ross Mackenzie 07955-418730
vs. Old Finchleians
OBI Cup (A) KO 1:45 PM
@ Old Finchleians FC (Woodside Park)
Referees: TBA

Team: Players not yet assigned.

Notes: Details confirmed.

4th X1

Manager: Zach Pearson
Tel (h): 020-8539-6562 (m): 07958-722656
Assts: Vince Broad 07950-722378 Jack Gooding 07920-405212
vs. Somerville Old Boys
AFC Div 2 North (H) KO 2:00 PM
@ Douglas Eyre S C
Referees: George Dobbie

Team: Players not yet assigned.

Notes: Details confirmed.

5th XI

Manager: Josh Owen
Tel (h): 020-3673-7798 (m): 07930-960628
Assts: Conor McCrory 07840-156727
vs. Old Meadonians
AFA Cup (A) KO 1:30 PM
@ Riverside Lands (Chiswick)
Referees: Femi Awosoji

Team: Players not yet assigned.

Notes: Details confirmed. Hospitality on site.

6th XI

Manager: Aaron Spencer
Tel (h): 020-8509-7311 (m): 07837-025163
Asst: Luke Mathewson 07850-448508
vs. Old Tollingtonians
AFC Div 7 North (A) KO 1:30 PM
@ Highgate Woods (Highgate)
Referees: TBA

Team: T. Blue (Cap), A. Spencer, F. Hill, J.Long, C. Holmes, Matt Diebelius, S. Davidson, B. Davidson, M. Diebelius, J. Reeves, L. Mathewson, B. Dymitrow

Notes: Details confirmed. CARE - Change of venue and earlier ko time.

7th X1

Manager: Merritt Gold
Tel (h): 07973-908472
Asst: Luke French 07958-032088
vs. Mayfield Athletic
LOB Cup (H) KO 3:00 PM
@ Douglas Eyre S C (Pitch 3G)
Referees: Lee Bartlett

Team: M. Butterworth (Cap), P. McShane, C. Umuhire, J. Crookes, A. Conteh, A. Ciezkowski, T. Young, C. Fitzgibbon, F. Lazaro, H. Sach, Z. Kazamzadeh, C. Singh, M. Gold, M. Carini

Notes: Details confirmed. Usual footwear arrangements on 3G.

8th XI

Manager: Dan Miles
Tel (h): 01992-610275 (m): 07984-303371
Asst: Graeme Bowman 07886-490019
vs. University of Hertfordshire
AFC Div 9 North (A) KO 2:00 PM
@ Herts Sports Village (Hatfield)
Referees: TBA

Team: Players not yet assigned.

Notes: Details confirmed. Free parking at ground. Hospitality very close by.

9th XI

Manager: Pepe Burley
Tel (h): 020-8556-8937 (m): 07944-282455
Asst: Graham Hall 07954-590086
vs. Bealonians
Friendly (H) KO 1:30 PM
@ Douglas Eyre S C (Pitch 9)
Referees: Ray Prentice

Team: P. Burley (Cap), S. Mulcahy, G. Hall, D. Vearer, J. Briscoe, D. Greenstein, C. Mulcahy, Chet.Singh, E. Horan, J. Burdon, D. Nutt, J. Turner, H. Erdogan, A. Lahbib

10th XI

Team Manager: TBA
Ugo Egenamba 07939-256494
vs. Old Brentwoods
Friendly (A) KO 1:30 PM
@ Old Brentwoods FC (Brentwood)
Referees: TBA

Team: J. Turner, Y. Lee, J. Banthoud, L. Perrin, G.Lewis, P. Chea, I. Freire, J. Evers, W. Green, J. Genys, C. Livings, G. Pitter, U. Egenamba, P. Blackwood, D. Nutt, R. Moore

Notes: Details confirmed.

Vets B XI

Manager: David Lottrie
Tel (m): 07432-576188
Assts: Dan Cass 07966-347605
vs. Egbertian
LOB Veterans Cup (A) KO 1:30 PM
@ Douglas Eyre S C (Walthamstow)
Referees: Liv Thomas

Team: Players not yet assigned.

Notes: Details confirmed. Note, this is an away fixture.

Senior Vets X1

Manager: Paul Mitchell
Tel (h): 020-8500-6764 (w): 020-7577-2303 (m): 07887-538702
Asst: Andy Gombas 07951-703084
vs. Shenfield
Essex Vets O45 Div West (A) KO 2:00 PM
@ Warley Playing Fields (Brentwood)
Referees: Mathew Tumbridge

Team: A. Gombas (Cap), C. Childs, L. Archibald, T. Levy, A. Wood, B. Diebelius, G. Luck, C. Williams, T. Yeomans, S. Robbins, P. Mitchell, J. Harrington, I. Greenwood, H. Brooks

Notes: Details confirmed. Hospitality nearby.