Match Report

Saturday 3rd September

Old Parmiterians 10th XI

0 - 7

Globe Rangers

Friendly (H) KO 1:00 PM
@ Low Hall Sports Ground

  R. Reynolds

  Pepe Burley

D. Dyer, I. Gregory, K. Knight, H. Patel, C. Singh, A. Yonas, A. Gribben, W.Haydock, J. Arday, Z. Yasar, W. Noel, M. Gribben, L. Bell


Man of the Match:

Globe Trots Round Parms

Today we played well in parts but we just couldent see a end product to test the goal keeper,and are passing was nowhere near are best yet. Are shape was good against a very good team higher up in the league. Very happy with the new players asspecially Michael Gribbon which looked solid in the centre back position.(Who said he plays like John Terry?) Could we trot to the top of the league this season? Yes! if Parms Xs start passing the ball around like the globe trotters.