Match Report

Saturday 24th March


First with the man of the match.Alexio Ferreira and Billy Beech.Beeches pass 3 games has been with energy & fight stopping opposition play there game ,today he was all over the park running none stop in this heat. Alexio was asked to play CB and he was solid till the GK said "He should stay there" he was brilliant with composure, pass well out of the back and did not shy out of any tackles. It was a game all players new we had to stay discipline and focus because Woodgreen would counter if we fell asleep so we had to be on are game.We had a aim and we all did it with precision. Next to Alexio in CB was Vince Broad which was ace 4 the 90 minutes, he did not put a foot wrong, great positional play and awareness of danger.Shavon Barrows and D.Dyer played the WB rolls covering the CB well and closed Woodses wingers attacking the flanks. D.Kalogirou played a big roll in the LW and J.Maddison just keeps on showing he is here to show there is more to see from me which is a great attitude. S.Soetan played DM well in blocking and making good tackles but the manager changed it @ halftime putting Tarric Salamon in that roll, he switched play good bringing in the wingers more into play making a difference. Its still 0-0 @ this point in the 2nd half & no mistakes was needed on behalf of both teams.Jordan Okoli was shocking doing crunching, strong tackles fighting for the team, great performance but! Vullnet Beqa just would not stop 4 90minute, then 15mins be4 the ref blew Vull nets again.